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AISL Harrow Haikou

AISL Harrow Haikou

Developing Courageous Leaders

Set in the beautiful location of Haikou, which is known for its good air quality among major cities nationally and as an important tourist destination in China, our Summer Camp will take advantage of its surrounding environment to provide the ultimate camp experience.

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No.15 Linhai No.3 Road, Meilan District, Haikou, China

Fees include

All expenses, such as food, boarding, and field trips (as applicable) are included as part of the enrolment fee except laundry services which will not be available onsite.

All associated costs due to visa application as well as transportation costs to/from the campsite are to be borne by the parents/guardians.

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Camp Sample Weekly Schedule

Status Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
0810-0845 Registration Breakfast
Leadership & STEAM 0900-1200 STEAM
Space Adventure

Living in a vacuum environment
Air pressure
Astronaut in space
Design - Fail early, fail fast

Ideation in the design process
Rapid prototyping
Testing solutions
Space Adventure

Living in a weightless environment
Forces and motion
Forces and balance
Design - Fail early, fail fast

Spaghetti Tower Challenge
Solving engineering problems in a team environment with limited time and resources
Space Adventure

Finding a habitable planet in space
Celestial system
Habitable environment
Sustainable development
Closing Remarks by Colin Ong
Closing Ceremony Featuring Keynote Speakers>
1200-1300 Lunch Dismissal
Individual Sport
Forehand stroke, tempo drill
Singles rally
Backhand stroke, depth drill
Doubles rally
Serving, smash
Singles practice games
Footwork, defend & recover
Doubles practice games
Singles & Doubles
Team Sport 1400-1530 Football
1 hour training
Dribbling, drills to maximize touches
0.5 hour scrimmage
1 hour training
Passing & receiving
Possession games
0.5 hour scrimmage
1 hour training
Shooting, striking & finishing techniques
0.5 hour scrimmage
1 hour training
Attacking & defending
0.5 hour scrimmage
1530-1600 Recess
Non-core sports 1600-1700 Dodgeball Ultimate Frisbee Ping Pong Pickle Ball Spike Ball
1700 Overnight Camp Dinner
1930-2030 Team Building Activities, Personal Reflection, Journaling
2100 Lights Out

1) Please note that the weekly schedule may be subject to change and the content varies according to the age groups of the children.
2) Week 1: STEAM - Computer Programming & Coding; Week 2: STEAM – Physics, Biology & Chemistry; Week 3: STEAM – Robotics
3) Week 1: Leadership - Creativity, Divergent & Convergent Thinking; Week 2: Leadership - Your Personal Story; Week 3: Leadership - Design, Fail early, fail fast
4) Week 1: Basketball, Golf (Training Focus); Week 2: Football, Tennis/Badminton (Training Focus); Week 3: Basketball, Golf (Competition Focus)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
0810-0845 注册 早餐
领导力及STEAM 0900-1200 STEAM

设计思考 - Fail early, fail fast


设计 - Fail early, fail fast

意大利面挑战赛(Spaghetti Tower Challenge)

1200-1300 午餐 Dismissal
个人运动 1300-1400
团体运动 1400-1530 足球
1530-1600 休息
趣味运动 1600-1700 躲避球 极限飞盘 乒乓球 匹克球 迷你排球
1700 结束
1930-2030 团队建设,个人反思及日志
2100 熄灯

1) 请留意,每周日程安排可能会有所变动;课程内容将根据学生年龄组别而不同。
2)第一周: STEAM - 电脑编程; 第二周: STEAM – 物理, 生物及化学; 第三周: STEAM – 机器人
3) 第一周: 领导力 - 创造力、发散性思维和汇聚性思维; 第二周: 领导力 - 你的个人故事; 第三周: 领导力 - 设计 - Fail early, fail fast
4) 第一周: 篮球, 高尔夫球 (侧重技能训练); 第二周: 足球, 网球/羽毛球 (侧重技能训练); 第三周: 篮球, 高尔夫球 (侧重团队训练、战略与战术)

Programme Details

Set in the beautiful location of Haikou, which is known for its good air quality among major cities nationally and as an important tourist destination in China, our Summer Camp will take advantage of its surrounding environment to provide the ultimate camp experience.

Often referred to as “Coconut City”, Haikou is situated on the northern coast of Hainan, by the mouth of the Nandu River. As well as the parks of coconut groves, there are beaches, mangrove forests and volcanoes giving the City a status of vibrancy and beauty.

The campus of AISL Harrow Haikou mirrors the diverse backdrop of the city and provides a creative, natural atmosphere with garden landscapes and generous space allowing students to explore their learning in a safe and clean outdoor environment. The superb sports facilities available include an indoor swimming pool, sports hall, football pitches and tennis courts, ensuring that students have all that they need to explore, learn and grow!

Sports - Ace Your Game

Get ready for an action-packed three-week summer camp filled with a range of sports, including basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, swimming, football, and golf. We are proud to partner with leading sports organizations like AC Milan, PGA of America, Five-Star Basketball, and Tennis Academies to offer top-notch training sessions that focus on developing skills, teamwork, and a love of the game. Our experienced coaches will lead training sessions that cater to students' age and skill level, with a focus on individual and team skills, strategy, and tactics.

At our Summer Camp, we understand that golf is a game that requires both courage and strategy. Our experienced coaches will help students develop the confidence to take risks and make bold moves on the course. We'll teach them how to play bravely and stand out from the field, and how to refine their technique and strategy to become more skillful and successful players. Whether they're beginners or experienced golfers, we'll provide them with the right mindset and approach to achieve their goals on the course. With practice and determination, they can improve their game and take it to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity for students to train with top coaches and athletes while making lasting memories and friendships.

STEAM - Exploring Alien Worlds

Our Summer Camp recognizes the importance and increasing popularity of STEAM subjects and takes advantage of the superb facilities on offer to deliver a program of fun and engaging sessions. Students will be encouraged to brainstorm innovative ideas, explore new skills, and use their imagination and creativity to work towards a goal. With various themes, these sessions challenge and excite our young scientists of the future. Whether it's computer programming and coding, science, or robotics, our sessions are designed to inspire and excite students of all interests and backgrounds.

One theme that is sure to ignite students' imagination is exploring alien worlds. This thrilling and challenging endeavor requires both courage and creativity. As students imagine themselves as astronauts exploring a distant planet, they can apply their creativity and problem-solving skills to navigate the challenges of an alien world. It's essential to approach each problem with an open mind and a willingness to explore new solutions. By embracing the unknown and pushing beyond their limits, students can discover new ways of thinking and approaching complex problems. The exploration of space has always been driven by a desire to understand and learn more about the universe around us. With the right mindset and skillset, students can explore new frontiers and make groundbreaking discoveries that will shape the future of space exploration.

Leadership - Embrace Failure

Our Summer Camp is in partnership with Stanford University professor Colin Ong's Youth Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainable Leadership programme. We'll focus on creative energy exploration and EQ enriched leadership mindsets. The programme will encourage students to participate in fast-thinking creativity and develop this important skill as a personal strength. Students can expect to focus on problem-solving and developing new and innovative ideas. They'll also learn about the mechanics of building teams and encouraging teams to work more effectively together.

At our Summer Camp, we understand that embracing failure is an important aspect of becoming a courageous leader. Leaders who are not afraid to take risks and fail are more likely to achieve success and growth. We believe it's crucial to learn how to embrace failure as a necessary step towards success and growth. Developing resilience and adaptability to bounce back from setbacks is key to overcoming challenges and achieving goals. By embracing failure and learning from past mistakes, leaders can discover the courage to take calculated risks and pursue innovative solutions. As a leader, it's important to create a culture that encourages experimentation, learning, and growth. By embracing failure, leaders can inspire their team to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately achieve greater success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a community that encourages experimentation, learning, and growth while embracing failure as a necessary step towards success and growth.

The AISL Outdoor Summer Camp at Harrow Haikou offers an experience that caters to students with a wide variety of interests. Our camp is designed to stretch and challenge every student, ensuring they leave with a sense of accomplishment and having had the most positive experience possible. Our experienced team of coaches and counselors are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment where students can explore new interests, make lasting friendships, and develop important life skills. Join us for an unforgettable Summer Camp experience that will inspire and challenge you to reach your full potential.