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AISL Harrow Hong Kong

AISL Harrow Hong Kong

Developing Lifelong Learners and Social Entrepreneurs

Set in the world’s most thriving economy and cosmopolitan city, what better place for students to experience our Summer Camp this summer! While the city is the centre of business, culture and trade, our Summer Camp will be the centre for developing life long learners and social entrepreneurs.

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38 Tsing Ying Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Fees include

All expenses, such as food, boarding, and field trips (as applicable) are included as part of the enrolment fee except laundry services which will not be available onsite.

All associated costs due to visa application as well as transportation costs to/from the campsite are to be borne by the parents/guardians.

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Camp Sample Weekly Schedule

Day 1 (Ice Breaking) Day 2 (Team Development) Day 3 (Theme development) Day 4 (Skills Workshops) Day 5 (Peak Challenge) Day 5.5 (Goal Setting)
0630-0900 Morning call
Fresh start (Morning yoga and energizing games)
Showers and individual preparation for the day
Dormitory tidying time and whole camp morning meeting
0900-1200 Arrivals Team development activities
session 1
Introduction to being 'inventive' "Peak Challenge" briefing "Peak Challenge" Entrepreneurial Market Place Final whole camp game
"Peak Challenge" skills building workshops, focused on social entrepreneurship Final group reflection
Dormitory and group allocation Break
Team development activities
session 2
The Great Egg drop Final 1:1 goal setting discussion between students & counsellors
Opening ceremony
1200-1230 Lunch
1230-1800 Whole camp ice breaking Free time Farewell ceremony
Team development activities
session 3
Experiential business simulation "Peak Challenge" skills building workshops, focused on social entrepreneurship "Peak Challenge" Entrepreneurial Market Place Departures
Break Break
Individual group ice breaking and tone setting Whole Camp team challenge
Break Judging & Awards ceremony
Community Activity briefing Leadership in business
Community Activities
1800-1830 Dinner
1830-2200 Free time
DEAR(Drop Everything And Reflect) time
'"Moon Light Theatre" Board Games Human Library Movie night Talent Show
Dormitory time
2200 Lights out

Please note that the weekly schedule may be subject to change.

第 1 天(破冰活动) 第 2 天(团队建设) 第 3 天(主题活动) 第 4 天(技能工作坊) 第 5 天(巅峰体验) 第 5.5 天(一周回顾)
0630 - 0900 起床
0900 - 1200 入营 团队建设活动 第 1 节 “创意”工作坊 介绍“巅峰体验” “巅峰体验”之创业市集 最终场全营比赛
“巅峰体验”之技能养成工作坊,聚焦创业及社会企业家精神 小组总结及反思
分配寝室和小组 休息时间
团队建设活动 第 2 节 团队挑战活动之The Great Egg Drop 学生和辅导员之间的一对一回顾及总结
1200 - 1230 午餐时间
1230 - 1800 全营破冰活动 自由活动 欢送仪式
团队建设活动 第 3 节 体验式模拟商业工作坊 “巅峰体验”之技能养成工作坊,聚焦创业及社会企业家精神 “巅峰体验”之创业市集 离营
休息时间 休息时间
小组破冰活动并为之后的活动定下基调 全营团队挑战
休息时间 评审及颁奖仪式
社区活动及体育运动介绍 商业领导力工作坊
1800 - 1830 晚餐时间
1830 - 2200 自由活动
“月光剧院” 棋盘大战 “借阅真人” 电影之夜 才艺表演
2200 熄灯


Programme Details

Set in the world’s most thriving economy and cosmopolitan city, what better place for students to experience our Summer Camp this summer! While the city is the centre of business, culture and trade, our Summer Camp will be the centre for developing life long learners and social entrepreneurs.

Located near the beautiful Gold Coast Tuen Mun, AISL Harrow Hong Kong is a striking and impressive crescent-shaped building and boasts state of the art facilities including many different learning spaces, as well as world class sporting facilities.

The boarding accommodation is superbly proportioned offering students plenty of room, and each boarding house has a common room with a variety of facilities in which students can relax and socialise. The inspiring backdrop of Harrow International Hong Kong is ideal for introducing students to an environment of business and success.

At the Summer Camp, students will be encouraged to use their own initiative, while at the same time develop the key skills required to work in a team. Students will learn about the importance of social responsibility, and in doing so, they will discover the traits required to be an Entrepreneurial Leader.

While being challenged with new and exciting tasks, there’s no doubt that the week will also be fun and engaging, and activities will include:
• Urban Orienteering
• Mountain Hiking
• Public Speaking
• Guest speakers
• Day Excursion
• The Social Entrepreneurial Market Place
• The Experiential Business Challenge

The Peak Challenge of is the highlight of the camp. It is designed to help students understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and develop their skills in this area. On Day Four, the students are introduced to social entrepreneurship through a presentation and three workshops conducted by entrepreneurial leaders. These workshops aim to help students understand the importance of making a positive impact in the world.

On Day Five, students will apply what they have learned by creating a business that has a positive impact. They will need to develop a business plan, build a prototype of their service, and pitch their business idea to other participants. The students' business ideas will be judged by a panel and the best ideas will be selected. Through this challenge, students will develop a variety of skills, including:
• Social entrepreneurship
• Leadership
• Business planning
• Problem-solving
• Prototype building
• Pitching
• Team building

Moonlight Theatre is an exclusive and thrilling activity that we offer as part of our Summer Camp programme, with the specific purpose of encouraging outdoor exploration. Under the twinkling stars, students can participate in various activities, such as stargazing, storytelling, and group performances, making it an activity with boundless possibilities. Moonlight Theatre's versatility not only fosters creativity and teamwork skills but also gives students the opportunity to display their abilities and create unforgettable memories in a stunning natural setting. It's a chance for students to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and experience the enchanting beauty of the night sky.

In addition to Moonlight Theatre, our Summer Camp programme offers a variety of activities, including the Human Library. The Human Library provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others by sharing their unique stories and promoting empathy and understanding among their peers. This activity creates a safe and supportive environment for students to express their perspectives and experiences, fostering effective teamwork and building stronger relationships within the group.

The camp also includes daily DEAR Time sessions, which enable students to explore the connections between the activities, the leadership goals of the camp, and their own experience and learning, leading towards a 1:1 Goal Setting session on the last day of the camp where counsellors will discuss personal goals that students can develop as part of returning home after the camp.

Within this inspiring setting, with the programme of engaging activities and nurturing leaders, students will have the best summer ever, while learning new skills, building confidence and meeting new friends.