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Curated Summer Camps for 8-16 Years Old

A summer of EXCITEMENT
A summer towards EXCELLENCE

AISL Outdoor presents the most incredible Summer Camps at 10 AISL Harrow Schools across Asia. Our carefully designed programme focuses on ADVENTURE, SPORTS, STEAM and LEADERSHIP.

Camp Locations

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  • Livestream session featuring Rod Field from Higher Ground

    Discover the ultimate summer adventure at our camps in Appi, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

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  • China Camps' Keynote Speaker: Camille Cheng

    Join Olympic swimmer Camille Cheng at our China camps and don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from a champion!

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  • Meet Colin Ong, Leadership Expert Instructor for the China camps!

    Unlock your leadership potential with Colin Ong, the mastermind behind Stanford University's Youth, Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Leadership Programme.

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  • Meet Kevin Smeltz

    Kevin, Top 100 Golf Magazine Director of Golf, has coached many top-ranked juniors in the world rankings. His students have achieved 22 wins on the PGA Tour.

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  • Meet Bob Pierce

    Coach Bob is Five-Star Sports’ Director of Instruction and has headed up the development of our unique curriculum. He was the Asia Scout for Miami Heat and Cleveland cavaliers.

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  • China Camps' Keynote Speaker: Lawrence Lee

    Lawrence, former student athlete at Caltech, will share his story of how being an athlete played a part in his personal development.

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AISL Harrow Schools Virtual Tour

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Sample Weekly Schedule

Here is a sample weekly schedule of our overnight summer camp for your reference.

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Day Camps

Monday - Saturday 

Overnight Camps

Monday to Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm