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Unlock the Magic of Winter: Enrol Now for AISL Outdoor Winter Camp

Welcome to an enchanting journey through frosted landscapes and cozy fireside stories with the long-awaited AISL Outdoor Winter Camp! We're excited to open the doors to enrolment for our Winter Wonderland.

Embark on an adventure nestled across a global tapestry of seven cities in four countries — from the serene slopes of Appi in Japan and the bustling streets of Bangkok in Thailand to the vibrant metropolises of Hong Kong, Haikou, Shanghai, Shenzhen in China, and the pristine beauty of Halong Bay in Vietnam. The AISL Outdoor Winter Camp presents an unprecedented opportunity for cultural immersion and connection.

Our carefully curated programme offers a rich selection of twenty captivating courses, woven into five compelling themes: Arts, Adventure, Sports, STEM, and Little Lions Explorer. This diverse array of activities ensures that every child and parent can find an engaging, memorable experience tailored to their interests.