About Us


Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group is a leading provider of education services in Asia. The AISL Harrow family of schools comprises Harrow International Schools, Harrow Innovation Leadership Academies and Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres, which proudly draw on the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK, embracing the Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship. We are committed to the highest standards and quality of education for all students, delivering "Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership".


Our AISL Outdoor introduces students to learning outside the classroom, predominantly in a natural environment, helping them to develop values and attributes through experiential, collaborative-based learning and the application of skills and knowledge that will serve them well in life and leadership. AISL Outdoor instills new patterns of behaviour in students through experiences that challenge perceptions, enhance resilience and contribute to the personal development.

AISL Outdoor allows students to understand that the development of an individual’s character is a lifelong process that takes place both in the classroom and in the great outdoors.

AISL Outdoor Summer Camps @ AISL Harrow Schools

New for 2023, AISL Outdoor is launching it's first Summer Programme, to be offered in 10 AISL Harrow Schools taking advantage of the superb facilities, and providing the perfect opportunity for students aged 8 – 16 years to remain engaged over the summer months, while also taking time to have fun in a relaxed learning environment.  

AISL Outdoor Summer Camps have been carefully designed to deliver a holistic approach to teaching, moving away from the traditional classroom and embracing the great outdoors.  Students will benefit from a wide and varied programme of activities, which will allow them to develop many aspects of their character, including critical thinking and leadership skills.

In line with AISL Outdoor’s ethos of excellence, there will be a number of specialist subjects on offer. These include, but are not exclusive to adventure, sport, STEAM and leadership, and students will be able to either develop their existing talents, or explore new ones. 

In addition to these specialist subjects, there will be team building challenges, encouraging students to learn more about themselves, others and their environment.  Through experiential and collaborative learning, students will be able to reflect, develop team building skills and build resilience - all skills that will contribute to their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.
Above all however, the Summer Camps aim to be enjoyable, keep students engaged and enthused over the summer, and offer memories that will last a life time!

AISL Outdoor Summer Camps are available to all Harrow students and to the wider community on a first come first served basis.