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At AISL Outdoor, we believe every student deserves to learn and grow through discovery in the natural world. Our outdoor education programmes provide transformative experiences that foster personal growth, leadership, and environmental stewardship.

AISL Outdoor envisions a sustainable future where students develop a lifelong passion through learning outside the classroom. We are committed to inspiring wellbeing, igniting curiosity about the world around us, and empowering action to create change.

Summer Programmes

Take on new challenges and skills through exciting activities in nature. Our summer camps offer an engaging platform for students to build resilience, teamwork and problem-solving skills that will last far beyond the season.

Winter Programmes

Explore the great outdoors in winter through activities tailored to teach students independence, perseverance and the ability to thrive outside their comfort zone.

School Holiday Escapes

Provide students enriching experiences that spark imagination and social connection during school breaks. Promote creativity, personal growth and appreciation for nature through outdoor learning adventures.

Through AISL Outdoor programmes, students will forge bonds with peers, mentors and the environment that inspire a lifelong love of learning. Discover adventure, find your courage, and shape a better future with us. Join us in creating a sustainable future for all - start today!

About Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group

Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group is a leading provider of education services in Asia. It is committed to the highest standards and quality of education for all students, parents and educators, preparing them for the future with best resources available.

AISL believes in investing in how educators learn so that they may better teach, nurturing their students to their highest capabilities. It believes in sharing best practices and it also believes that young people should be given opportunities outside the classroom as they augment their intellectual abilities to be ably prepared for the future.

About AISL Education Group and 3As

Driven by its commitment to educational excellence, AISL Education Group diversifies and enriches the range of offerings by harnessing professional services provided by expert service providers - AISL Academy, AISL Outdoor, and AISL Mall. Resourceful and well-rounded, these curated programmes and platforms empower educators to better nurture their students, young people as they explore outside the classroom, and learners as they unleash their full potential.
All of this is done to lift our next generations from being very good to being outstanding all-rounded individuals possessing strength of character to excel in a rapidly changing world. We invest in them, optimising their lifelong learning interests and leadership potential, preparing them for a high-achieving future to serve the wider community.