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2024 AO Summer Camp

Innovation and Technology Lab (ChatGPT and Scratch)

Innovation and Technology Lab (ChatGPT and Scratch)

This summer, spark your child's imagination and fuel their passion for coding and innovation with our exhilarating courses, exclusively brought to you in collaboration with the esteemed MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. Our pledge is to empower the potential within each young mind, fast-tracking their transformation from budding learners to trailblazing innovators.

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AISL Harrow Hong Kong

Fees include

For residential camps, the fee encompasses accommodation, meals, study materials, and Public Liability Insurance, ensuring a comprehensive package for the duration of the stay.

For day camps, the fee includes study materials, providing the necessary resources for each student's daily activities and learning experiences.

Please be aware that transportation to and from the camp, flight tickets, visa fees, and personal travel insurance are not included in the camp fees and should be arranged separately by the participants.

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Sample Timetable

Day 1 2 3 4 5
9:00AM -
- Ice-breaking activity:
create a story as a
- Camp schedule and
house rules
- Create a story by
- Introduction to
- Introduction to
- Project: Dance Party
- Use AI to make your
dance better
- Reflection
- Use ChatGPT to write
a story
- Create a maze game
based on the story
- Use computer vision
to make your game
- Reflection
- Write a math joke
- Use Google to find a
math joke
- Use ChatGPT to
create a math joke
- Program your joke
on Scratch
- Share your project
- Reflection
- Use ChatGPT /
Google to create a
tour guide for HK
- Compare and
discuss different
- Learn to use image
generation to create
- Create a Scratch
interactive tour guide
- Group project: Your
interactive story /
- Create a story with
- Use image
generation to
produce characters
- Program the story
with Scratch
- Presentation
- Reflection
第一天 第二天 第三天 第四天 第五天
  • 破冰活动:全班一起创作故事
  • 介绍营地日程及住宿规定
  • 用ChatGPT创造故事
  • 介绍ChatGPT
  • 介绍Scratch
  • 项目:舞蹈派对
  • 用AI改进舞蹈
  • 回顾
  • 用ChatGPT创造故事
  • 根据故事创作迷宫游戏
  • 使用计算机视觉改进游戏
  • 回顾
  • 编写数学游戏
  • 用Google搜集一个数学游戏
  • 用ChatGPT创造数学游戏
  • 在Scratch上编程数学游戏
  • 分享你的项目
  • 回顾
  • 使用ChatGPT /Google创建香港指南
  • 比较和讨论不同方法
  • 学习用图像生成来创建图片
  • 创建Scratch互动指南
  • 团队项目:你的互动故事/游戏
  • 用ChatGPT创造故事
  • 使用图像生成制作角色
  • 用Scratch编程故事
  • 展示
  • 回顾

Programme Overview

The course introduces students to the world of AI. Students explore ChatGPT as a tool to create. They learn how to ask questions, research ideas and create stories with AI’s help. They make these ideas come true by programming fun projects on Scratch. Students also discuss the advantages and limitations of AI, and reflect on responsible usage of AI.


MIT Certification and AI Foundations: Earn a certificate from MIT Innovation Node. Discover AI with practical projects in image generation, ChatGPT and computer vision, applying AI to innovate and problem-solve.

Computational Thinking and Debugging:
Learn the core of computational thinking with interactive exercises to develop strategic problem-solving skills and an appreciation for the iterative process.

Collaboration and Soft Skills: Build essential collaboration skills through pair programming, enhance communication with presentations, and foster empathy and design thinking in solution-based projects. Goal setting and self-reflection will be encouraged for personal development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engaging Educational Experience: Engage in a stimulating environment that fuels a lifelong passion for technology.
  • Hands-On AI Skills: Acquire practical knowledge in AI technologies to create innovative, custom solutions.
  • Strategic Problem-Solving: Develop computational thinking with a focus on real-world problem-solving techniques.
  • Empathy in Design: Cultivate empathy and a user-centric approach to develop meaningful technology solutions.
  • Communication and Presentation: Gain confidence in presenting creative projects, enhancing both understanding and communication abilities.


Camp Details

Dates: 15-19 July 2024

TIme: 9am-12pm

Location: AISL Harrow Hong Kong

Age Group: 8-10 years old

Camp Type: 5 half-day day camp

Language: English

Group Size: 25 students

Terms and Conditions

We have a number of policies in place to assure the quality of our programmes, their administration and the safety of the children and staff who take part in them. Please take a moment to review our policies and guidelines.

Please also read through our Personal Information Collection Statement to understand how we may carefully use your personal data.