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2024 AO Summer Camp

Little Chefs (Hong Kong)

Little Chefs (Hong Kong)

Join our Little Chefs programme in Hong Kong, where kids aged 5-7 can explore the wonders of sustainable eating and creative play. In bite-sized, fun-filled sessions, our young gastronomes will learn about natural tie-dyeing and the sparkle of healthy carbonation. It's the perfect mix of learning and laughter for our budding eco-friendly foodies!

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Fees include

For residential camps, the fee encompasses accommodation, meals, study materials, and Public Liability Insurance, ensuring a comprehensive package for the duration of the stay.

For day camps, the fee includes study materials, providing the necessary resources for each student's daily activities and learning experiences.

Please be aware that transportation to and from the camp, flight tickets, visa fees, and personal travel insurance are not included in the camp fees and should be arranged separately by the participants.

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Delectable Dishes to Delight

1. Molecular Gastronomy: The Fusion of Flavour and Innovation

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realm of Molecular Gastronomy, where the thrill of scientific discovery meets the joy of culinary excellence. This innovative approach to cooking, known as progressive cuisine, integrates groundbreaking scientific methods to transform and artistically present food like never before.

  • Transform your favorite juices into stunning caviar-like spheres.
  • Marvel at the artistic presentation that turns each dish into a visual masterpiece.
  • Experiment with textures like foams and oil powders to redefine your culinary boundaries.

2. All About Food Pyramid: A Playful Path to Healthy Eating

Our course is a buffet of engaging and colourful games that serve up knowledge on food groups and the perfect portion sizes. Get ready to match, strategize, and play your way through our dynamic Food Pyramid set, which features matching games and board games to underscore the pyramid's significance in our daily diet. Over the course of five lively sessions, the children will delve into:

  • Dairy Delights: Savour the creaminess of Cocoparadise vegan ice cream and explore the rich world of cheese.
  • Grains Galore: Crunch into crackers and pop into the universe of popcorn.
  • Protein Power: Crack open the benefits of eggs and sizzle with the savory taste of bacon.
  • Veggie Victory: Broccoli and carrots become your allies in health and taste.
  • Fruit Finesse: Sweeten your knowledge with strawberries and unravel the mystery of the tomato.
  • Confection Caution: Learn to balance indulgences like chocolate bars and chips with healthier choices.

3. Chill & Thrill: Craft Your Frozen Delights

Cool down with "Frozen Comfort Desserts," an icy escapade where you become the maestro of your frosty treats! In just 20 minutes, whirl up a storm with our ice-cold recipes and unlock the secrets of creamy indulgence.

  • DIY Ice Cream Magic: Shake up your taste buds by making ice cream in a bag—simple, swift, and scrumptious.
  • Icicle Twist: Design your own dual-flavored icicles, a refreshing quick-fix to beat the heat.
  • Gelato from the Future: Witness the spectacle of dry ice gelato, as our instructor unveils the frosty science behind this silky smooth sensation.

4. Eco-Chic Creations: Sustainable Tie Dye Wonders

Dive into sustainability with a splash of colour at our Tie Dye workshop. Using 100% all-natural food colours, you'll transform a T-shirt and handkerchief into eco-friendly fashion statements.

  • Embrace the golden glow of Turmeric.
  • Discover the vibrant mix of Turmeric and Annatto for a fiery orange.
  • Revel in the rich reds of Annatto and Dragon Fruit.
  • Soak up the tranquil blues of Butterfly Pea blossoms.

5. Fizz & Feast: The Art of Healthy Carbonation

Discover the fascinating food science of carbonation and say goodbye to high-fructose, artificially coloured sodas.

What's Popping:

  • Craft your own Pop Rocks candy.
  • Savour the fizz with Dry Ice Carbonated Fruits.
  • Stir up a storm with Naples Lemonade, featuring a dash of baking soda.
  • Create your very own Fizzy Powder.

Learning and Skills Development

  • Nutrition Awareness: Children will embrace the importance of nutritious food choices and the impact they have on their well-being.
  • Essential Cooking Skills: A spoonful of skill and a pinch of fun will equip children with the culinary basics that foster lifelong independence.
  • Plant-Based Cooking: Transforming fruits and veggies into culinary marvels, our young chefs will learn the magic of plant-based recipes.
  • Culinary Creativity: With endless possibilities, children will learn to express their unique flavours through imaginative cooking.
  • Sustainability Education: We're planting the seeds of sustainability, showing children the importance of eco-friendly food choices and their positive impact on our world.

Register your child for the Little Chefs Summer Camp, and let them discover the joys of cooking, the importance of healthy living, and the value of our planet—all through the lens of culinary arts!


Dates: 2-5 July; 9-12 July 2024

Time: 9am-12pm

Age Group: 5-7 years old

Camp Type: 4 Half-day camp

Language: English

Group Size: 30 children

Terms and Conditions

We have a number of policies in place to assure the quality of our programmes, their administration and the safety of the children and staff who take part in them. Please take a moment to review our policies and guidelines.

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